Logistics is what we do: we plan, implement and coordinate volume shipments for our customers.
Our courteous, uniformed drivers are equipped with Smart Phones, enabled with GPS trackingbarcode scanning and electronic signature capture technologies.

Go green

Like most businesses, Optima is a work-in-progress when it comes to energy and resource conservation.  We're implementing strategies for reducing our own company's carbon footprint and we hope that the tips and information resources in this section of our Web site will help you do the same.

Optima's Corporate Commitment to Sustainability 

  • Replacing aging vehicles with low-gas-mileage alternatives
  • Using technology to plan the most energy efficient delivery routes
  • Using bicycle and hand couriers in many downtown locations
  • Replacing paper forms with electronic communications whenever possible
  • Providing ongoing consulting to our clients about ways they can save energy while saving shipping costs
  • Printing our stationery and marketing materials, as well as shipping envelopes, on recycled paper
  • Recycling office paper and boxes
  • Reusing packing supplies when possible


Plan to Conserve (and Save $)

  • Use the smallest box that fits your needs to save packing materials and shipping costs.
  • Buy local and save both $ and resources.
  • Rent moving crates as an alternative to boxes: A number of moving companies lease out reusable, crushproof and stackable plastic moving crates.


Reuse & Recycle

  • Reuse boxes shipping materials. If you can't remove old tape or labels from a box, turn it inside out.
  • Reuse bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tissue paper, crumbled newspaper & magazine pages.
  • Wrap gifts in newspaper comics pages for color and fun.
  • Shred damaged or over-used wrapping paper to create colorful packing material.
  • Return unwanted packing peanuts to one of over 1500 locations nationwide.  Call the Plastic Loosefill Council's Peanut Hotline at 1-800-828-2214 for the names of local businesses that accept packing peanuts.


If You Can't Reuse or Recycle

  • Buy boxes made from recycled paper or fibers.
  • Resist using plastic packaging, including bubblewrap and styrofoam.
  • Use biodegradable packing peanuts, which dissolve when exposed to water and can be composted or reused.
  • Use air-popped popcorn for packing material.

Green Printing

When reordering your office supplies and marketing materials, ask your printer for eco-friendly paper options, and look for printers that adhere to the latest environmental standards (including use of recycled papers, vegetable-based inks, energy conservation and eco-friendly recycling and waste disposal) in their printing operation.
The highest standard is FSC (Forest Service Council) certification.  FSC certification confirms that the printer has completed the "chain of custody" indicating that at every point from pulp to paper mill to distributor to printer, all have received FSC Certification.
The printing and paper industries use additional symbols to certify their compliance with sustainability guidelines, including: 

  • Sustainable forestry
  • Recycled paper (can range from 10% - 100% recycled)
  • Renewable energy
  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • Chlorine free manufacture


To learn more about what these symbols certify, visit:  www.thepapermillstore.com


“We switched our account to Optima because we wanted Optima’s “white glove” service.  Optima is very accommodating to our needs; their software people programmed a special template for us that allows our database to talk to theirs.”

Office manager, venture capital firm