Logistics is what we do: we plan, implement and coordinate volume shipments for our customers.
Our courteous, uniformed drivers are equipped with Smart Phones, enabled with GPS trackingbarcode scanning and electronic signature capture technologies.


We do more than transport items from one place to another; we take responsibility for every aspect of the process - including scheduling, pickup, tracking, delivery, special handling and reporting so that your staff doesn't have to. 

Logistics Services Overview

Depending on your needs, Optima will:

  • Research delivery options and costs
  • Develop budgets and schedules for routine shipments
  • Handle packaging and crating of large, heavy or fragile items
  • Manage all aspects of international shipments
  • Customize on-line log-in pages for customer shipping orders
  • Track every shipment and provide delivery confirmation
  • Call or e-mail delivery exceptions (i.e. delays caused by weather or road conditions)
  • Provide customized monthly reports
  • Arrange short and long term storage
  • Arrange and manage in-bound deliveries, saving you $ and hassle
  • Arrange and manage rush trucking

International Logistics

Optima handles all of the complexities of shipping overseas so that your staff doesn't have to.
Depending on your needs, Optima will:

  • Prepare all paperwork and documents including customs forms
  • Notify your receiving clients with shipment details and anticipated delivery information
  • Coordinate delivery times between your recipient and the broker/cartage company
  • Monitor and track the status of a shipment until its final delivery
  • Prepare letters of credit
  • Arrange carnet consultation and brokerage services


Packaging and Crating

Optima can provide first-rate packing and crating services for protecting large items.
For packing supplies and crating information, use our Online Ordering form or call 781-569-0201.

Tradeshow Logistics

We'll get your materials to and from your trade show quickly, efficiently and economically.
Depending on your needs, Optima will:

  • Plan and coordinate delivery based on your trade show instructions package
  • Handle arrangements with labor-organized convention centers
  • Package & ship booths, computers, sensitive high-tech equipment
  • Handle fragile shipments in air ride or padded vans
  • Upgrade shipping service when timing gets tight
  • Handle mid-route destination changes
  • Arrange storage

Tradeshow shipping options:

  • Overnight
  • 2nd day
  • 3-5 day economy service
  • Emergency same day and weekend service including holidays

“They treat this business very seriously and I think it is because they also have kids and understand that it could be their child or loved one awaiting results”

Facility/Transportation Manager, Major Diagnostic Laboratory