Logistics is what we do: we plan, implement and coordinate volume shipments for our customers.
Our courteous, uniformed drivers are equipped with Smart Phones, enabled with GPS trackingbarcode scanning and electronic signature capture technologies.

Saving tips

Anything you can do to cut your shipping costs will enhance your bottom line.  At Optima, saving our customers' money is a core objective. 

How Optima Saves You $$$:
In addition to offering lower rates, we save you money through smart planning, ongoing account management and customer personnel savings.

Smart Planning:
We evaluate your past delivery and shipping patterns to identify unnecessary costs and suggest less expensive alternatives.  For our courier customers, this might mean changing or consolidating delivery routes and schedules.  For our overnight customers, this might mean suggesting a different carrier or level of service.
Ongoing Account Management:
Every Optima customer is assigned a Customer Service team that proactively monitors and manages their account.  Their first priority is to make sure your deliveries get there on time; their second is to recommend the lowest cost option.   They also monitor your shipping history, suggesting cost-saving options if your shipping patterns change.
Personnel Savings:
For customers who have been managing their logistics in-house, the biggest cost savings comes from outsourcing those functions.  Instead of tracking shipments and generating shipping reports, your administrative staff can focus on tasks that are more central to your core business. And because all of your shipping costs are included on a single invoice (regardless of how many shipments or carriers you use) your accounting department will also save time.

$ Saving Packing Tips:
Not only will these tips reduce costs, they help the environment:

  • Use the smallest box that fits your needs to save packing materials and shipping costs
  • Shred office paper or newspaper for packing material
  • Reuse boxes shipping materials. If you can't remove old tape or labels from a box, turn it inside out.
  • Reuse bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tissue paper, crumbled newspaper & magazine pages

“We’ve been with Optima for 10 years, and don’t use any other vendor.  They do three pickups each day and provide one-stop shopping — from overnight to freight.  We stick with Optima because they deliver a higher level of service.”

Office manager, large multi-state firm