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“This is a deadline intensive business, so being late can be really bad. Reliability is vitally important. Optima is much better than other companies I’ve worked with.

Everything goes out on time, the service is great and they’re there when I need them.

Our Optima representative comes in quarterly, meets with new employees and explains the process. He’s always available, always right there.”

Director Materials Management, Large Boston Hospital

“We’ve been with Optima for 10 years, and don’t use any other vendor.

They do three pickups each day and provide one-stop shopping — from overnight to freight.

We stick with Optima because they deliver a higher level of service.”

Office manager, large multi-state firm

“We switched our account to Optima because we wanted Optima’s “white glove” service.

Optima is very accommodating to our needs; their software people programmed a special template for us that allows our database to talk to theirs.”

Office manager, venture capital firm

“They treat this business very seriously and I think it is because they also have kids and understand that it could be their child or loved one awaiting results”

Facility/Transportation Manager, Major Diagnostic Laboratory 

“Optima is good at handling complexity and accommodating our changing needs.

I appreciate their flexibility and the fact that you always get a person when you call on the phone.”

Lab Manager, Large NH Hospital