Logistics is what we do: we plan, implement and coordinate volume shipments for our customers.
Our courteous, uniformed drivers are equipped with Smart Phones, enabled with GPS trackingbarcode scanning and electronic signature capture technologies.


Advanced Technology:

  • GPS driver monitoring
  • Online ordering and tracking
  • Specimen/Package electronic "Chain of Custody"
  • Barcode scanning/tracking
  • Instant e-mail delivery notification
  • Electronic signature capture

Saving tips

  • Smart Logistical Planning
  • Ongoing Account Management for efficient routing
  • Save on Employee Personnel - let Optima be an extension of your shipping operation

Go green

  • Plan to Conserve and Save
  • Reuse & Recycle
  • Packing If You Can't Reuse or Recycle
  • Green Printing
  • Online Resources
  • Green Packing Supplies & Office Products
Why choose Optima?


Our first step is to understand your delivery requirements.

So we ask a lot of questions: What do you ship? Where? How often? Are there different delivery requirements for different products?

Do you require HAZMAT or other specialty certifications? What will make you relaxed and confident that we can do the job?

Are there others in your firm you need to involve? What do you see as the perfect relationship?

We then map out a proposal, which addresses all aspects of your delivery needs and demonstrates ways to contain or lower your costs and improve your service.



Our exceptional on-time delivery record, customer service and account management make Optima second to no other New England logistics company.

But don't take our word for it. Talk to some of our long-term customers, look at our delivery statistics and review our comprehensive reporting processes.

Optima's sophisticated reporting capabilities range from on-line delivery confirmation to complete delivery analyses. You can access these reports online or in hard copy to help you plan, budget, manage, control, and constantly improve your delivery function.




Optima customers enjoy the focused attention of a knowledgeable customer service team that gets to know them well over time.

These strong personal relationships make our job more fun as well as more efficient.

As an Optima customer, you're not dependent on one personal relationship. Every customer service person has a back-up rep who is familiar with the account and can provide seamless service.

Most importantly, every one of Optima's over 200 employees has a single mission: to get our customers' shipments delivered on time.

If that means the president or a service representative needs to jump in his car in the middle of a snowstorm on a Saturday to get your package delivered on time, that's what we'll do



The company was founded in 1974 as Commonwealth Carrier, a courier company servicing the greater New England area. Through steady growth and the acquisition of Optima Worldwide Shipping (in 2004) and Alpha Courier (in 2007), the company has successfully expanded our service offering throughout the continential US.

Our large size relative to most local and regional logistics companies means that we offer:

Depth of personnel: over 200 highly trained and dedicated employees, each one of whom is committed to getting each customer's shipment delivered on time.

Geographic reach: hundreds of daily courier routes, combined with high-volume shipping relationships with major domestic and international carriers.

Financial strength & stability: evidenced by our steady growth, customer loyalty and ongoing investment in new technology.